We provide Lock Up Garages for our customers

Safe and secure lock up garages and parking


Secure Lock Ups at London Garages

We have an extensive selection of lock up garages for you to rent or buy which are detailed in our Available Spaces section.

We also have available secure parking spaces in underground, multi storey car parks and overground car parking spaces.

The majority of our lock ups and parking spaces that we have available are in Central London but we also have many to rent and for sale in other areas of the city.

We are always adding to our portfolio and spaces become available regularly, so make sure you check with us for availability.

Clean and Secure Garages

We have quality lock up garages to rent in London

You can rent our garages in the knowledge that they are secure and you can park your vehicle with complete peace of mind. Parking in the capital, particularly in Central London can be difficult to say the least. We have a variety of cheap parking spaces and garages available.

London Garages

We have the cheapest lock up garages in the city

If you are looking for a lock up garage to rent in London then you have found the best place! We have various parking spaces available at a range of prices and we are certain that we can find the perfect, secure lock up garage for you and your vehicle.

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